At a glance: information about the fresh new area

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At a glance: information about the fresh new area

At a glance: information about the fresh new area

Contraceptive area

A woman can get expecting when the a beneficial people’s sperm is located at that of the woman eggs (ova). Birth control attempts to avoid which going on by keeping the fresh new egg and you will sperm aside, otherwise by closing egg creation. One technique off contraceptive ‘s the plot.

Brand new contraception plot are a gooey plot, sometime eg a nicotine patch, computing 5cm by 5cm. It provides hormone in the human body using your surface. In the united kingdom, the patch’s brand name was Evra.

It contains an identical hormones Green dating service as joint tablet, and it work in the same manner. As a result they:

  • inhibits ovulation (the production out of a keen eggs)
  • thickens cervical mucus, rendering it more difficult getting spunk to visit from the cervix
  • thins brand new uterus lining, making it more unlikely one an excellent fertilised eggs commonly enhancement indeed there

In real life fool around with, about 8 feamales in a hundred per year get pregnant once the they ignore to switch the latest patch (92% effective).

For each and every spot can last for 7 days. You replace the area every week getting step 3 months, next have weekly away from without a plot. You’ll be able to remain shielded from pregnancy in this month.

The fresh new area is almost certainly not right for ladies who cig and you will that thirty-five or over, otherwise who weigh 90kg (fourteen brick) or maybe more.

The spot does not stop sexually sent problems (STIs). Having fun with a beneficial condom too can help to protect you from STIs.

The plot really works

You can make use of new contraception patch of all aspects of your own system, so long as your own skin try clean, dry and never very hairy. Such, the foot, arm or straight back.

Your incorporate yet another patch weekly (the 1 week) to have step 3 weeks, and avoid with the plot to have 1 week. That is called your area-100 % free week. Through your area-totally free few days you can acquire a detachment bleed, such an occasion. This could not necessarily occurs.

Shortly after seven plot-free months, you incorporate an alternate spot and commence the newest cuatro-week duration once again. Initiate the new duration no matter if you’re however bleeding.

  • sore otherwise agitated body
  • anywhere it could rating applied away from by strict dresses
  • your own boobs

When you initially start using new plot, you could are different the positioning each time you use a special spot to attenuate your threat of irritation.

In the event the plot starts to functions

For many who begin to use this new patch towards the first day away from your own several months, they begins working straight away. It means you’ll have intercourse without having to be expecting.

If you start using it into any date, you need to use an extra form of birth prevention, such condoms, into the first one week.

You could speak to your doctor or nursing assistant to find out more on in the event the area will quickly really works, and you may whether you can utilize additional contraceptive.

What you should do in case the patch falls away from

Brand new birth control area is quite gluey and must stick to. It has to not come off after a shower, shower, hot tub, spa or move, otherwise immediately after do so.

If your spot really does disappear, what you need to carry out hinges on how much time it’s become of, and just how a number of days you’d a patch into the earlier emerged from.

  • stick their patch back with the immediately (if it’s nevertheless gluey)
  • if it’s not gluey, change it with a brand new area (do not attempt to secure the old patch positioned having a good plaster or bandage)
  • continue using the plot just like the typical and alter their patch in your normal transform big date

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