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step 1. Mija / Mijita – Child / My personal daughter

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step 1. Mija / Mijita – Child / My personal daughter

step 1. Mija / Mijita – Child / My personal daughter

When you are training Language, it is possible to see some new and you will pretty terminology you to definitely you need to call your daughter. Therefore, we collected 11 popular Foreign language nicknames that you can use to identity otherwise label the daughter because of the.

The words about checklist are quite preferred in the Foreign-language (I myself are known as with many of those nicknames ahead of ;)). You’ll observe that any of these nicknames are just well-known during the several Spanish speaking regions although some are considered usual throughout regions. Look at the definitions cautiously in order to select the right nickname to suit your girl.

In the Latin-american regions, mija is a very popular word one mothers used to phone call its daughters together2night login. ‘Mija’ is the reduced style of mi hija (‘my daughter’), thus, it can be interpreted possibly while the my girl or simply child.

Even though contacting your girl ‘my daughter’ could voice as well outdated within the English, ‘mija’ is actually an extremely caring and you will lovable word during the Foreign-language. As opposed to most other nicknames, ‘mija’ is applicable to help you daughters of various age groups.

Mijita is the diminutive type of ‘mija’, thus, it may be considered somewhat more affectionate than just ‘mija’. ‘Mijita’ actually function ‘my personal nothing daughter’, however it could be translated such ‘daughter’ or ‘baby’.

Take notice: ‘Mija’ is such a popular keyword from inside the Latin-american regions you to grown-right up people make use of it to talk to a more youthful woman. Contained in this context, ‘mija’ is not necessarily implying a household bond, but alternatively when there clearly was a significant many years pit.

dos.Nena – Child / Baby Woman

Nena is actually a well-known and cutesy Foreign language keyword that folks have fun with sometimes to name otherwise reference the girl. Which word might be included in all the Spanish speaking regions and you may it’s the head translation of ‘baby’ or ‘infant girl’. If you would like become alot more caring, you could utilize its diminutive form ‘nenita’.

Observe: Generally speaking, ‘nena’ is much more popular for younger girl. not, there are some moms and dads that do not mind using this word that have its adult-right up females. Simultaneously, ‘nena’ is the direct interpretation of ‘baby’, because of this, it’s also utilized just like the a pet label getting a great girlfriend.

3. Mami / Mamacita – Infant Lady / Honey

While using the mami while the a nickname to suit your child you desire to consider this particular phrase is much more widely used which have ladies you to definitely have not attained adolescence.

‘Mami’ was a word you to definitely one another dads and you can moms are able to use when calling their derican speakers may use the variation ‘mamacita’ with similar goal. These terms and conditions is nearer inside the meaning to help you ‘kids girl’ or ‘honey’.

Take note: Into the relaxed Spanish, ‘mami’ and ‘mamacita’ can be utilized in the a totally more perspective because the a beneficial way to call an earlier woman ‘hot’. Likewise, these types of terminology can also be used because nicknames to have moms.

4. Gorda – Fatty / Chubby

Regardless if various other dialects may seem mocking otherwise a tiny section insulting, in Foreign-language, ‘gorda’ was a hugely popular nickname to possess a child. Having Spanish speakers, getting in touch with a female ‘gorda’ doesn’t necessarily signify you’re describing this lady system, it is alternatively a lovely and adorable pets label (hard to believe, but real).

?Despierta, gordita! Se te va a hacer tarde con el fin de la escuelaWake upwards, chubby! You are late having college

Take notice: ‘Gorda’ and you will ‘gordita’ is actually preferred nicknames for women and you may girl in Spanish and you will they won’t suggest to be rude whatsoever. Actually, my personal grandparents keeps titled my personal sibling ‘gorda’ the woman lifetime due to the fact a nickname and you will she’s not only match as well as likes the girl your pet term ;).

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